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SPI Management SA obtains the FINMA license

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Licence would elevate asset managers to a higher level of quality and provide investors with greater transparency.

SPI Management has received a license from FINMA as a licensed portfolio manager. FINMA authorises and licenses operation of companies in the regulated sectors. Licensing is a preventive control tool with which the legislator defines the required level of quality that FINMA should apply equally to all financial market participants. Each licence holder must permanently satisfy the licence conditions or risk having their licences revoked.

For the first time, portfolio managers are now regulated within the same legal framework as the banks, which gives our profession significantly more weight.

SPI Management was one of the first portfolio managers in Valais to obtain the FINMA license as we had to evolve our organisational structure and procedural flow to match the strict requirements of the independent supervisory authority.

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