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Income Generating Real Estate as Hedge for Inflation

Increase your income even if inflation rises by buying real estate

Rental income from investment properties is one thing that, in general, stays up with inflation and sometimes even outpaces it. In reality, given the current state of inflation, rents in certain coveted cities have risen by 30% in the last year. A spread (more rental income) is produced between the cost of your mortgage payment and growing rents when you have a fixed-rate mortgage since loan payments remain constant.

Taxes and insurance costs rise along with other expenses, but rental income from income-producing real estate typically exceeds expenses. A decreased spending budget is sometimes surpassed by an increase in revenue brought on by rising rent payments when inflation increases. This effect frequently results in higher cash flow and profits in an inflationary environment.

Investors primarily have two choices when it comes to purchasing homes with an income stream. One is direct acquisitions, often single-family homes, which have a steep learning curve and need a lot of effort to manage the property and provide strong returns.

The second is passively investing through syndications sponsored by private equity firms, where investors can buy a stake in a sizable business asset or invest in a portfolio of real estate. These enable investors to take advantage of the greater tax advantages of larger commercial assets without requiring any expertise or active management on the part of the investor.

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