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We are a Swiss wealth management company that will help you grow and protect your wealth with tailored strategies that focus on what's important to you and the needs of your family or business.

SPI Management - About us
As a FINMA licensed wealth management company, we provide professional investment services and expert market advice that enables our clients to pursue and attain their financial goals. SPI is headquartered in Switzerland and works 100% independently with banks and product issuers.

Service 01

Asset Management

By taking full charge of all aspects of asset management – portfolio structure, investment strategy, and asset allocation – SPI Management enables our clients to focus on essentials. Each portfolio is structured, managed, and optimized on the basis of a risk profile.

Service 04

Financial Advisory

Our experience and long lasting relationships with top-tier custodian banks allow us to open accounts for our clients in record time. We take care of everything from mandate specifications to preparation of due diligence.

Service 02


We provide our clients with a solid foundation and exceptional set of services to encompass all aspects of their wealth and family needs for the present and future generations, by aligning the underlying objective of passing down one’s family values and heritage to succeeding generations

Service 05

Real Estate

Negotiating lines of credit and asset-backed debt, acquisition of residence permits. We have the necessary skills to devise the ideal financial structure and supervise the legal and fiscal aspects of each transaction as well as propose exclusive deals.

Service 03


We help our clients evaluate the attractiveness of their targets before they allocate their capital. We believe that superior information is a prerequisite for superior investment decisions, and therefore the foundation for superior returns.

Service 06

Tax & Legal Planning

We provide our clients with comprehensive and expert advice on inter-cantonal and cross-border matters, and we benefit from strong ties to leading law firms all over the world and excellent contacts to relevant tax administrations in Switzerland.

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